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COVID-19 Donations

Thank you for your interest in donating medical supplies and other items to support patients and staff during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We are grateful for our community’s support as Firelands Regional Health System team members continue to serve on the frontline providing care for our patients and working to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Monetary Donations

Food Donations

Please Stay Home

Monetary Donations

For monetary donations, please use fill out the form below.

Supply Donations

For medical supplies or other in-kind donations, please review the list of needed items and complete the form below.



  • N95 masks (medical or industrial)

  • Surgical masks

  • Goggles, safety glasses

  • Sealed, individually packaged medical-grade swabs for testing

  • Disposable surgical gowns (not cloth)

  • Shoe covers and hair/head caps

  • Materials for creating handmade masks and PPE

  • Visibly soiled or used items

  • Cloth hospital gowns

  • Opened boxes of gloves, gowns, masks (Boxes must be unopened)

  • Handmade personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks.

Please fill out this form for Supply Donations.

**Organizations with the capacity to manufacture large quantities of PPE that conforms to standardized specifications should email Mike Messa Jr, Director of Supply Chain at Firelands Regional Medical Center.  We are actively monitoring supplies of PPE and developing new sources of qualified supplies to protect employees and patients.**

Food Donations

We welcome food donations from organizations with a food inspection certificate, such as restaurants, catering businesses and food trucks. To help us manage the volume of donations, we respectfully ask that food donations be made in quantities to serve 50 or more health care workers.

Heros work here Firelands Regional Medical Center

Please fill out this form for Food Donations to our health care workers.

Firelands Regional Health System will coordinate the pick-up of supplies at homes and businesses. Donations of items in larger quantities will be prioritized. Please do not bring items to the hospitals. Donations will be used across Firelands Regional Medical System's multi-county service area.

Other ways to help

  • Give blood. Schedule an appointment at this link.
  • Support Local Food Banks
  • Assist the Elderly

Due to their risk level, older adults should avoid public settings. You can help by offering to purchase groceries and other essential items including prescriptions. You may also be able to help set up technology so elderly neighbors, family and friends can stay connected to loved ones and to essential services including telehealth. Please support the elderly while maintaining safe social distancing.

  • Offer to help health care workers and first responders

Those on the front lines are providing care and assisting those in greatest need. In some instances, they may not be able to return home for extended periods. You may be able to help with meals, errands, or pet care. If you wish to help a health care worker or first responder, please reach out directly to someone in your community who fits this criteria.

We are all in this together Firelands Regional Health System

Thank you for considering all the ways you can help Firelands Regional Health System and our broader community. We greatly appreciate your concern and interest in providing support during this time.

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