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Lee and Sandra Jewett: The Gift of a Lifetime

In late 2016, Lee and Sandra Jewett provided a gift to The Foundation for Firelands that like many of their actions throughout the years is truly more than a gift, but rather, is a true investment in the future of Firelands Regional Health System and of the community. Lee and Sandy, through their gift, are providing a lasting legacy gift that will benefit families, friends, and loved ones for years to come. This gift raises them to the Diamond Level of The Foundation for Firelands Legacy Society, recognizing cumulative giving at more than $1 million.

Because after all, family and community are what matters most to this extraordinary couple. Sandra Jewett has been a devoted mother and wife, tending to the welfare of her husband, sons and grandchildren and to her friends throughout the years.

To this day, Sandra continues to be a quiet, humble icon of style and grace in our community, having gotten her start at the well-known Caryl Crane’s store years ago. Her friends describe Sandra as very welldressed, the consummate gardener, fabulous mother, and someone who does everything “perfect” – one friend commented that the grass in Sandra’s yard always looked like it had been cut with scissors.

Lee joined Cedar Point in 1963, a career move that would allow him to take on various planning and design roles for the next 38 years. Nearly everywhere you look at Cedar Point, Lee’s creativity is apparent. He was the project manager for the revolutionary IMAX Theatre in 1975. He assisted with the design and construction of the Corkscrew roller coaster in 1976, the Gemini in 1978, and the Magnum XL200 in 1989.

Perhaps none had a greater impact than the design of the Corkscrew in 1976. Lee wanted to build a roller coaster in which park guests could walk right underneath the elements of the ride. This “spectator involvement” was the first of its kind and set the industry standard for parks around the world to follow for years after.

Under Lee’s direction, the park built the Raptor, the Mantis, the Millennium Force, and the Top Thrill Dragster. Two of these rides (The Millennium Force and the Top Thrill Dragster) are ranked in the top ten BEST roller coasters in the world. If you look on Wikipedia, even today, the Millennium Force and the Top Thrill Dragster are ranked in practically every category that roller coasters are ranked in, from the tallest, to the steepest drop, to the fastest, and so on.

Lee was also involved in the layout and design of Soak City Waterpark and improvements and additions to the park’s hotel and guest accommodations. And, as the park grew into a larger, national company, Lee was charged with assessing corporate acquisitions and bringing them up to the Cedar Fair standard including Valleyfair in Minnesota, Dorney Park in Pennsylvania, Worlds of Fun in Missouri, Knotts Berry Farm in California and Michigan Adventure in Michigan.

Perhaps, one of the most iconic design elements Lee placed throughout Cedar Point was the cupola. As a tribute to this timeless element, a cake in the shape of a cupola was presented to the Jewetts at the 2016 Legacy Society Recognition Event.

While Lee gave countless hours to Cedar Point and its sister parks, he always found time to give back to his hometown. Lee Jewett joined the Sandusky Memorial Hospital Board of Directors in 1982. During his tenure since that time, Lee has served Firelands Regional Health System on the hospital’s Executive Committee, the Facilities & Planning Committee, the Garden District Committee, and the Marketing Committee. Lee became an Emeritus Board Director for Firelands Regional Medical Center in 2010, and serves today as a Board Director for The Foundation for Firelands. Lee continues to identify needs within our organization, with ideas for equipment or other services that will improve the delivery of healthcare to our community.

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