You Make a Difference

You Make a Difference

As a not-for-profit hospital, Firelands acts as a safety net for our community. Philanthropy helps to solve healthcare problems and responds to needs in the communities we serve. Gifts and funds raised are used by the medical center to lessen the financial burden on families experiencing devastating illnesses, to provide preventive health outreach and education programs designed to address key health issues in the community and to purchase essential equipment.

Choose a link below to read stories about how you have a made a difference in the lives of your family, friends and neighbors.

Dan Rupp: Thank You for Going the Extra Mile
It was just one hour into the workday at 9 a.m. on Monday, September 16, 2013. Dan Rupp had just come out of his usual Monday meeting at International Automotive Components in Huron. The healthy 41-year-old dad of four was waiting for his co-worker and decided to sit down in a back corner of the plant. All of a sudden, he began to perspire and he felt short of breath.

Ann Seitz: One More Good Year
Ann Seitz is a petite woman with short blonde hair and soft, kind brown eyes - and the personality to match. But don't let her appearance fool you; Ann is a fighter. And right now she's fighting for her life.

Annette Munafo: An Anchor of Hope and Healing

When Annette Munafo talks, it is with such exuberance that her whole upper body is in constant motion...perhaps, that’s why her earrings are one of the first things you notice as they shake back and forth. A native of Sandusky, Annette is a sailor, a pastime her youngest son has also taken up in his adolescence. So, not surprisingly, those earrings shaking back and forth are anchors.