We Give Because

We Give Because

As a not-for-profit hospital, Firelands Regional Medical Center acts as a safety net for our community. Your donations help hundreds of people receive the healthcare services they need when they need them.

We Give Because…

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Best Cellars Book Club Necklace

In 2013, a local book club decided to create a charm necklace after being inspired by the book, “The Necklace” by Cheryl Jarvis. In the book, thirteen women share a single necklace and forge a bond that is truly life-changing. View the video below to hear how the women of the Best Cellars Book Club were inspired to create their own necklace and to donate it to The Foundation for Firelands Mammogram and Breast Cancer Fund.

Shelly Chesbro, owner, Mark Advertising, Sandusky

Shellychesbro MarkadvertisingFrom the moment Shelly Chesbro first donned her red and white candy-striper uniform in her early teens as a volunteer at Good Samaritan Hospital, she learned first-hand the meaning of giving back. Now, as a local business owner at Mark Advertising and a Firelands Regional Medical Center board member, Shelly works hard to be able to “pay it forward”, as she says. She credits her parents with instilling a sense of gratitude in her and says she feels giving back is truly the right thing to do.

“I was so proud of that uniform,” she said. “It meant I was helping others. I have so many blessings in my life and I would feel guilty if I didn’t pay it forward. I got involved at Firelands because it seems to me that so many other people here feel the same way I do about helping others, and there are endless opportunities to do so here at the hospital.”

Her first introduction to giving was when her parents told her about volunteering at Good Samaritan Hospital while she was in junior high. At first, she didn’t know what to expect, but she quickly found out she loved interacting with patients and felt that her job was an important one to each person that she met. She recalls an elderly patient that told her how much her kindness and her smile meant to him. “That really affected me early on and was a defining moment for me on the importance of being compassionate to others.”

“I have always aligned myself with hard working people who understand the meaning of making a difference,” she says, “And I credit these mentors, for much of my professional success, most prominently being that of my father.”

Shelly has served on the Fashion Week, Sandusky Style committee since its inception in 2009, and has attended other Medical Center fundraising events in the past. Shelly has recently become a member of the Firelands Regional Medical Center Board of Directors and has become active in numerous board committees. She says she does this not only because she wants to “pay it forward”, but also because she believes in the mission of Firelands Regional Medical Center and its value in our community.

“Sustaining independent, locally governed healthcare is so important,” she says, “As a locally governed health system, Firelands hires and retains the most qualified, talented physicians and care team members who live in and raise their families here in the greater Sandusky area. Firelands Regional Medical Center is the jewel in the crown that is this area. I joined the board because I know the services Firelands provides are vital to our region and that a strong medical center means a strong community.”

Tim Mayles, accountant, Barnes Wendling Accountants, Sandusky

Tim Mayles"I give because we are fortunate to have Firelands Regional Medical Center in our community. For me, it is not about playing a good game of golf at the Caddyshack Open; it's about participating in a great event to help local people who are going through cancer. Cancer patients are counting on all of us to go to battle with them and for them. Last year, I helped the cause by purchasing a grill in the silent auction that I've used year-round. The proceeds from the grill purchase went directly to the Cancer Program Fund to provide patient care and amenities.

"My staff at Barnes Wendling Accountants really enjoys giving back to help others by donating their time to perform auction checkout services at Fashion Week, Sandusky Style every year. This is one way we can use our skills as accountants to give back to our community. Barnes Wendling is proud to play a part in the important work done at Firelands Regional Medical Center."

Ted Kastor, VP, Business Development, Janotta & Herner, Inc.

Ted Kastor"The employee-owners at Janotta & Herner see our support of The Foundation for Firelands as a way to give back to the community we live and work in. We also see Firelands as our safety net. It's comforting to know that if one if our employees is injured, Firelands has the resources to get him or her feeling better and back to work.

"Our employees support Firelands by sponsoring golf teams for the "Caddyshack" Open and participating in various other events that raise funds to enhance patient care and services. It's a partnership that we are very proud to have."

Beth Mathews, Mathews Ford, Sandusky

Beth Mathews and team"We support The Foundation for Firelands cancer program fund and mammogram and breast cancer fund because we have seen the impact it has on patients and families who are dealing with the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis. My sister-in-law is an oncology nurse at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center at Firelands Regional Medical Center, and I see firsthand the compassion, dedication and commitment she and her colleagues give each and every day to their patients. We have been fortunate to have good health but know not everyone is as lucky as we have been. This is why it is important to us to support The Foundation for Firelands.

"My husband, Bob and I have participated in the "Caddyshack" Open since the tournament began. Mathews Ford has been proud to be the $100,000 Shootout sponsor for two years, and the company also donates auction items for both the "Caddyshack" Open and Fashion Week, Sandusky Style. By giving back to our community, we set an example to our employees and others in our community. Sandusky is a great place to live, and we all have an obligation to invest in our area. We believe that giving back is an important part of owning a business."

"On behalf of the Mathews Ford family, we believe in what The Foundation for Firelands does to help the patients and families of Firelands Regional Medical Center. We are thankful to be a small part of what Firelands does to help our community."

Jim Wible, president, American Colors Inc., Sandusky

Jim Wible and guest"American Colors has been a long-standing supporter of The Foundation for Firelands. We are proud to have a nationally ranked medical center and physicians right here in Sandusky. For our 50 employees, having Firelands Regional Medical Center just minutes away means better health; more productive workdays; and happier, healthier families.

"American Colors has supported the Initiative for Firelands, a capital campaign which helped to fund renovations and construction at the hospital, and the Firelands cancer program fund."

Leslie Bott, KeyBank, Sandusky

Leslie Bott and team from KeyBank"Firelands Regional Medical Center is an important client of KeyBank and a safety net for residents living in and around the Lake Erie shores. KeyBank is proud to support The Foundation for Firelands "Caddyshack" Open because it is an event that benefits so many people in need. As the event sponsor for the last two years, and as the Sandusky Key Center manager, I have had the privilege of volunteering on the course. I believe in the mission of The Foundation for Firelands and have had a great time with the golfers, volunteers and donors. We are proud to support an event that means so much to patients at the medical center and to the community as a whole."