Events & Campaigns: Doctors' Day 2014

Events & Campaigns: Doctors' Day 2014


"Thank you." These two simple words are some of the first we learn to use in our lives...and they are among the most meaningful words we will ever use.

Each year on March 30, medical centers and patients nationwide take the time to thank physicians by celebrating National Doctors' Day.

We invite you to not wait until next year to say those two important words, "thank you," to the physician who cares for you when you are ill and who helps you to achieve your best health and wellness.

Take time today to recognize an outstanding physician by making a gift as a Grateful Patient or in support of another fund of The Foundation for Firelands in your physician’s honor. 

When you make a gift, your physician will be notified of your thoughtful act in his or her honor and its purpose at Firelands Regional Medical Center. If you wish to see your donation directly benefit this physician, you may designate it for their specific department, but the funds will never be used to pay the physician or the staff.

Thank you for taking the time to show your gratitude to the more than 200 physicians that make Firelands Regional Medical Center an outstanding healthcare system for our community. Your support of their healing efforts helps everyone in our region to be more healthy and vital, both now and in the future.